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Swan Lake First Nation is Open for Business & Seeking New Partners

News April 1, 2015

Like many Manitoba communities, Swan Lake First Nation is experiencing a renaissance. Once crippled by a 2.8 million dollar debt and housing crisis, Swan Lake is now thriving, economically sustainable and moving towards being fully self-reliant without government support.

Setting a powerful example for other First Nations communities, Swan Lake has paid off its debt in full, drastically reduced unemployment, built a new band office, opened a beautiful Splash & Spray Park and renovated 95% of its band-owned houses.

Featured in the first issue of’s Commerce & Culture: A Map For Tomorrow, Swan Lake First Nation is a true Manitoba success story. The community is strong, proud and open for business.

“Our vision is to see Swan Lake First Nation and its members as independent and self reliant, guided and supported by economic, social and emotional stability generated from the very heart of our community and enterprises.” – Chief Francine Meeches, Swan Lake First Nation

Spurring this economic revival was a series of business initiatives including a Bison, Cattle & Elk Ranch, the Sand Hills Casino & Resort, a new Golf Course and numerous retail, office and lodging projects. Community is the heartbeat that drives the business, culture, and ultimately prosperity of Swan Lake First Nation. With a young population ready to work and continuously expanding education and training opportunities, its members are the lifeblood of their collective success.

While their assent has been gradual, a number of recent initiatives have helped spread the word that Swan Lake is on the rise. recently served as liaison between the leaders of Swan Lake and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, collaborating with both parties to plan a groundbreaking trade tour of the community. has also had great success connecting business owners and entrepreneurs with the leaders of Swan Lake First Nation.

“As First-Nation business people ourselves, we strive to make the most of every opportunity for sustainable prosperity. Now is the time for a modern and comprehensive approach to seize opportunities and build strategic partnerships with Aboriginal groups, the private sector and business investment.” – E.J., Fontaine?President/CEO of

While their growth has been exceptional, there is still significant room for future development – from hotels, coffee shops and restaurants to agriculture, communications and manufacturing, Swan Lake is seeking new business partners of all shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in pursuing a business partnership with Swan Lake or another vibrant First Nations community, can help you learn more, take a tour and get started. We have the contacts and expertise needed to help you build your business through partnerships with Aboriginal communities.

Click the link below to read the first edition of Commerce & Culture: A Map For Tomorrow, a fantastic brochure that introduces the community, economy and success of Swan Lake First Nation.

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