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Over 20,000 Indigenous job seekers and hundreds of Canadian employers trust AMIK’s job portal to provide quality employment avenues and qualified candidates.

About AMIK Inc.

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A leader in Indigenous workforce engagement and training services, AMIK develops strong partnerships with employers while connecting them to Canada’s Indigenous workforce through respectful collaboration. Building a stronger Indigenous future – together.

About AMIK

AMIK Training Services

Browse our services for job seekers wanting to expand their skill set and help employers to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Indigenous Job Board

Unlock an abundance of job opportunities and a variety of training resources tailored to empower Indigenous job seekers.

Recruitment & Retention

AMIK leads the market with innovative and customizable recruiting solutions while maintaining a proven track record of success.

Cultural Awareness Training

Gain a proper understanding of cultural nuances to ensure a successful integration of an Indigenous workforce.

Smart Work Ethics

Develop universal essential soft skills to become a well-rounded candidate and thrive in the workplace environment.

AMIK Workshops

Cultivate essential skills and gain valuable work experience in your desired industry.


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Canada’s #1 Source for Indigenous Engagement Solutions: Indigenous Job Board · Recruitment & Retention ·Cultural Sensitivity Training · Smart Work Ethics

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