What AMIK Offers

Professional Indigenous Engagement Services

Indigenous Job Board

Unlock an abundance of job opportunities and a variety of training resources tailored to empower Indigenous job seekers. AMIK provides quality employment avenues and opportunities to cultivate essential skills and experiences.

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Recuitment & Retention

Our customizable Indigenous HR program is designed to pre-screen and identify qualified candidates to maximize retention. AMIK’s tailored HR program easily integrates into existing processes and procedures based on recommendation from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.

Using culturally sensitive approaches, our job board, national partnerships, HR services, and innovative approaches to recruit and to retain qualified Indigenous candidates has solidified AMIK’s reputation as Canada’s leader in Indigenous Engagement.

With AMIK’s assistance, employers can confidently engage Canada’s fastest growing demographic with a comprehensive Turn-Key Solution.

  • Indigenous Labour Solutions
  • Pre-Screening Services
  • Indigenous Human Resources Support
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Cultural Awareness & Training

To ensure the successful integration of an Indigenous workforce, its critical to gain a proper understanding of our cultural nuances. Indigenous Engagement starts with a solid foundation upon which to cultivate and nourish a team based on understanding and acceptance. Without a holistic approach, you will miss a key piece of the puzzle.

AMIK has conducted countless Cultural Awareness Training Sessions to nationally recognized Canadian companies such as Canada Life, CN, Alta Gas,  Boeing, and Blue Cross to name a few.  AMIK has been trusted to deliver authentic, engaging, and relevant training essential for long-term success.

Smart Work Ethics

Our SWE program is a highly effective program designed to develop soft-skills and forge a well-rounded, qualified candidate.

From making a good first impression to knowing what interpersonal skills are required in today’s workplace, employees need to be aware of what their employers look for, look at, and measure when they hire and promote employees.  Employees who are unaware of these standards risk losing their job and becoming part of the “revolving entry level” employee.

This is not a quick fix for irritations — this is a lifelong employment strategy.

Employee responsibility is often the missing vital link in the working arena.  This course presents the “need to know” essentials for today’s workplace, regardless of where that workplace is.  The universal standards for thriving in a work environment will be presented and discussed and participants will develop an understanding of what employers want and look for in employees to dramatically reduce costly turnover.

Discover how AMIK™ can help your business build a successful Indigenous workforce.

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AMIK Skills Training

Cultivate essential skills and gain valuable work experience in your desired industry.

  • Financial Wellness
  • Proposal & Grant Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Business Development & Networking
  • Marketing Level 1
  • Social Media Level 1
  • Sales 101
  • Entrepreneur 101
  • Business Confidence
  • Business Tech
  • Website Development
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Lateral Violence
  • Traditional Parenting
  • Customer Service
  • Assisting Travellers with Disabilities
  • Serving it Right
  • Wilderness Survival Training
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AMIK Leadership Workshops

Elevate your leadership skills by learning how to create workplace culture, improving communication, and fostering team growth.

  1. Facilitation Essentials
  2. Presentation Essentials
  3. Get F.I.T. Go Far: 6 Things Leaders MUST Do To Increase Organizational Performance
  4. Unicorns and Ukeleles: Team Building Through the Power of Magic & Music  
  5. Positivity Matters
  6. Trust, Engage, Collaborate: 3 Keys to Successful Workplace Relationships
  7. Developing Organizational Culture
  8. Transformational Leadership: The Importance of Trust in Organizations and How to Build It
  9. Value-Added Communication: What Supervisors Need To Know!
  10. Accountability: The Glue That Ties Commitment To Results
  11. From Chaos To Sanity: Managing Multi-Generations In The Workplace


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