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CBC News | Back in the office: How some employers are preparing for return of workers

News September 10, 2020

Reducing remote work challenges 

AMIK, an Indigenous hiring firm based in Headingley, has been helping employers fill temporary positions that can’t be done from home during the pandemic.

Some of the more recent AMIK placements include reception and administrative roles that required workers to come into the office, said AMIK’s Indigenous engagement consultant.

“With Indigenous workers, a lot of them have young children. There’s a lot of factors that make work from home really challenging,” said Melissa Chung-Mowat.

“Having employers be accommodating, allowing those workers to … have some structure and work within the office has been really helpful.”

If workers can’t work remotely, Chung-Mowat said AMIK requires employers to provide personal protective equipment and social distancing measures on site.

It’s also important for employers to remain flexible in supporting their workers during this time, she said. 

“It’s more than just having that space, it’s having broad support available as well,” said Chung-Mowat.

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