Intermodal Lead Hand Mechanic, Calgary


Posted Mar 16, 2020 at 03:45 pm Closes Apr 13, 2020 at 03:45 pm

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Intermodal Lead Hand Mechanic



The intermodal lead-hand mechanic is responsible for overseeing the equipment maintenance function within the terminal including prioritizing and distributing repair work, reducing bad order equipment counts, maximizing equipment reliability, reviewing quality of repairs, procurement of parts, issuing work orders, proper record keeping and safety. The position assesses workload requirements in the garage under his/her jurisdiction and plans/assigns work to staff accordingly. He/she will also maintain a running board showing the status of all Intermodal equipment (cranes, tractors, chassis, containers and gensets) ensuring that the prescribed Preventive Maintenance program is performed in a timely manner.

Other functions include:

  • Acts as a resource to the garage staff in solving problems associated with equipment repairs.
  •  Performs Heavy Duty mechanic duties as required.
  • Ensures that garage equipment is properly maintained and operable.
  • Operates Intermodal equipment for repair purposes and testing.
  • Is responsible for all aspects of safety in the area under his/her jurisdiction which includes any contractors working on CN property. Identify any safety item that is not to standard.
  • Is overall responsible for a clean work area both on the shop floor and office spaces.
  • Understanding the direction of company officers and when unsure will seek clarification on the direction. 


Must be a qualified Heavy Duty Mechanic and Mechanic in accordance with CN Intermodal standards hold valid licenses for the classifications in the provincial jurisdiction in which working.

Must be able to work at heights to at least 60 feet. Must possess a valid driver’s license permitting operation of highway tractors in the provincial jurisdiction where working.

Must be able to carry weights of at least 40 pounds for at least 50 feet.

Must be qualified in accordance with CN Intermodal standards to operate tractors and heavy lift equipment “for testing purposes”.

Must be in possession of a valid Medical form 773B (Periodic Medical Examination Card).


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